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Malcolm Stephens - Principal Training Consultant

Malcolm Stephens is an Electrical Engineer by learning and postgraduate in
Marketing Management and consulting. Training and development is a passion since conducting the first training program more than a decade ago.

Since 1993 he has trained more than Twenty Thousand Corporate Personnel across the hierarchy from all sectors from Retail to Telecom, apart from Youth and Children in various age groups. He brings with him a rich experience of the best practices in the field of transformation, knowledge and learning management.

He is also attached with leading Management Institutions, Colleges, and Schools and contributes in various business publications.

Each of his seminars, training programs and workshops has a very practical approach, with a perfect blend of theory, real life experiences, industry experiences, group interactions and realistic solutions.

Some of the organizations for whom he has consulted and trained are: Weekender, Pepe, Globus, titan, Tanishq, Raymond’s, Reliance Trendz, Pantaloons, D Damas, Provogue just to name a few.

So if you have a training need right from the CEO to the front end support staff, we will be there to fulfill it. Do not hesitate to call our office at +91 129 6466499 to fix up a meeting with Malcolm and his team for further discussions.

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Malcolm Stephens