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Code of Commitment

The Placement Solutions.in Code of Commitment is forming the basis of how we aim to get the best possible outcome from the recruitment process – for everyone. Your Placement Solutions.in consultant strictly adheres to this code in the spirit of establishing a great working relationship with you, now and into the future.

  • To always offer to come to your offices to take a formal brief for each role.

  • On appointment, to provide a written proposal confirming our understanding of your requirements.

  • Never to undertake any assignment unless we believe we are likely to be able to satisfy your requirements.

  • To submit a candidate’s details to you only with the candidate’s express agreement and to ensure that the candidate is in possession of any relevant facts and information before doing so.

  • Not to induce any employee to leave his or her employment where the employer is a Placement Solutions.in client.

  • To submit a candidate to you only if adequate steps have been taken to ensure that the candidate meets your requirements.

  • To keep all parties informed accurately and honestly throughout the recruitment process, working at all times in the best interest of both the client and candidate, providing balanced and constructive input during any negotiations.

  • To be punctual and courteous at all times towards all parties within the course of our business.