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Who are we?

Placement Solutions.in
has been founded by like minded entrepreneurs as a service-obsessed, people-focused business established to help individuals find suitable jobs and companies fill vacancies with desirable professionals. We are a modern recruitment agency determined to prove that words such as ‘honest’ ‘reliable’ ‘helpful’ ‘innovative’ ‘modern’ ‘ethical’ and ‘long term’ can be synonymous with recruitment.

We really mean it when we talk about service. It underpins everything we do and is constantly monitored and assessed within our business. It has been ingrained as part of our culture, plays a huge role in our own recruitment criteria and is central to our systems, procedures and relationships.


We are different...

  • Our team – lively, interested, competent, efficient, knowledgeable, trained. And unbelievably bothered about placing square pegs in square holes. Always.

  • Our Industry networking – which helps us connecting good people with great opportunities in a timely, transparent and convenient way.

  • Our first hand Knowledge of the industry which comes from having been on the other side.

  • Our attitude – we are hungry for your business.